A Phi Delta Theta Love Story

1970 Spring Break, Ft Lauderdale. Maryann Mollenkanp, Tom Budiscak ’71, Deedee Boulton, Jim Phipps ’72, Debbie Zacradelli, Gary Kay ’72

Plenty of us had romantic flings back at Ohio State; some of us even discovered our other halves in part because of Phi Delta Theta. Jim Phipps ’72  and his lovely wife Deedee have just such a love story. We reached out to learn about their Phi Delta Theta-fueled romance, here’s what he had to say. 

I began dating Deedee Boulton in 1966, after moving to Sylvania, Ohio from Southern California. We were together through High School and she was my senior prom date. We both began our freshman year at OSU in 1968. Deedee was a Delta Gamma and was part of the Phi Delt Dream Girl Court in 1970. We were “pinned” in 1969. Following my undergraduate experience at PDT, I entered Dental School at OSU in 1972. In 1973, I married my Phi Delt pin mate, Deedee Boulton. We are still married after 48 years!

Tom Budiscak ’71 was my best man and Dave Marker ’72 and Gary Kay ’72 were also in the wedding. I graduated from Dental School in 1975 and began a hospital residency in Toledo the same year. In 1976, I set up a general practice in Bowling Green, Ohio, providing dental services for 44 years. My partners and I were the team dentists for all men’s and women’s athletic teams at Bowling Green State University during that time. Dee and I raised 3 wonderful children in Bowling Green and now also have 5 grandchildren. We still have a home in BG, but since retiring due to the pandemic, spend most of the year in Naples, Florida. Phi Delta Theta was one of the best experiences of my life. It taught me the value of teamwork and cooperation to accomplish goals. My term as Chapter President in 1970 gave me leadership skills that proved invaluable going forward. Living in close quarters with 70 very “diverse” personalities, taught me tolerance and acceptance of opposing viewpoints. It also was a hell of a lot of fun! Some of my most memorable moments would include the privilege of being able to associate with a large group of guys that I enjoyed spending time with. The parties (Toga, Shipwreck), sorority mixers, late-night MAC runs, road trips, and spring break travels were way too much fun! I also remember the “all-nighters” in preparation for mid-terms and finals, and Hell week, but not as fondly. They say “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” and the Phi Delts of my era were anything but dull! I do still stay in frequent contact with Tom Budiscak and Dan Dorshiemer ’72. We encourage any of the brothers visiting NW Ohio or SW Florida to look us up and drop by.  

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